World's First Climate Positive Gin Coming to Singapore

The world’s first climate-positive gin, Nàdar Gin, is arriving on the shores of Singapore in April 2021.

Nàdar is the result of a five-year research project by Arbikie’s Master Distiller, Kirsty Black, during her PhD studentship between Abertay University and The James Hutton Institute, Scotland. 

The gin has a carbon footprint of -1.54kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per 700ml bottle. What it means is that the gin is able to negatively offset the carbon dioxide emission in its production thereby climate positive. This is achieved by using peas, instead of more common base ingredients such as wheat, barley or maize. As legumes, peas are able to source nitrogen, which is critical for plant growth, from the air. 

Peas benefit the ecosystem as a whole by improving soil quality and offsetting synthetic nitrogen fertiliser requirements of other crops that follow peas in the crop rotation. By adopting Kirsty’s technique, Aribikie is able to eliminate the use of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser in their crops and thus avoiding any negative impact on waterways, air and soil. 

Kirsty’s PhD at Abertay University and The James Hutton Institute investigated the potential of using pulses such as peas and beans as environmentally sustainable crops to cut carbon emissions in the brewing and distilling sectors. Graeme Walker, professor of zymology at Abertay University, said: “This project is an excellent example of what can be achieved with the right blend of academic expertise an industry know-how. “Creating real-world impact through our scientific research is part of Abertay’s core mission and I’m delighted to see that coming together in this genuinely innovative project.”

Nàdar Gin is exclusively distributed and marketed by Spun Spirits

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