The Great Joe Off @ The Tanglin Gin Jungle

For wild comedy, cocktails & cats

On this International Joe Day, four Joes combat in an epic showdown to fight the birthright to their names. All in the name of wild comedy and cats at the new Tanglin Gin Jungle.
Winning Joe will get to rename all other Joes for the month of April in this epic showdown. $5 from each cocktail will go to Singapore Wildcat Action Group.
27 March 2022 (Sunday)
5.00pm to 7.00pm
Tanglin Gin Jungle
26B Dempsey Road Singapore 247693
Tanglin Gin Jungle

How it Works

  1.  With each cocktail purchased, customers will receive a voting token. There will be four ballot boxes, one for each Joe. The customer may put their token in ANY box, not necessarily the one for the Joe who made their cocktail
  2. At 7pm all tokens will be counted, and the winner will be announced. In the event of a tie, Rock Paper Scissors will determine the winner.
  3. The winning Joe will then announce the names for the other Joes.
SPUN Spirits will produce nametags that must be worn at work, and the Joes must introduce themselves by this name for the month of April. They must also encourage their colleagues and regulars at the bar to use that name.
Only after introducing themselves may they explain the name.

Special thanks to:

– Josiah Chee
– Joseph Haywood
– Jovin Peh
– Joseph Seah

International Joe Day is an unofficial, obscure yet fun day to celebrate the awesomeness of Joes among us each year on March 27. The term comes from the Scottish word “joe,” meaning “sweetheart,” but has evolved somehow. Special thanks to the guest bartending Joes for shaking up cocktails all in the name of wild comedy and cats.

Join us. Vote and save your favourite bartender!

Seats are limited


Whatsapp us or fill up the form below for more information.

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